Miami Heat legends Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem have opened a new restaurant. Here's a first look inside.

As culled by Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints, below is a series of clips inside Wade and Haslem's new restaurant, 800° Woodfired Kitchen, in Aventura, Florida:

As per Connie Ogle of, the said restaurant will specialize in pizzas. It will employ the woodfiring technique on rotisseries and other side dishes and proteins. Such a concept is the idea of Chef Anthony Carron —  the protege of celebrity chef Michael Mina.

Via the 800° Woodfired Kitchen official website, Chef Carron shared his philosophy on food, which reads:

My philosophy on food is simple: find amazing ingredients and don’t screw them up! We search the world for the best vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses and present them simply and is such a way that their natural flavors shine.

Haslem recently signed a one-year deal with the Heat for his 16th season. Wade, meanwhile, hasn't made a decision just yet.

In a recent interview, Haslem admitted that he wants Wade to re-sign with the Heat so they can finish their careers there together. Per the The Associated Press via USA Today, Haslem said:

“My mindset has always been for us to finish it together,” Haslem said. “I want us to do a whole season together. Experience the road, dinner on the road, go through that whole process. I want us to experience that together.”

With training camp fast approaching, Wade will have to make up his mind soon.