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NBA Twitter roasts Heat star Jimmy Butler’s confounding clutch decision in Game 7 vs. Celtics

Jimmy butler, Heat

Jimmy Butler is one of the most clutch players in the NBA today. When the chips are down and you need a shot to save the game, the series, or the season, you turn to Jimmy G Buckets. However, even the most clutch players in the league fall short, as the Miami Heat unfortunately learned.

The Heat were mounting a massive Game 7 comeback against the Celtics thanks to Jimmy Butler. After a bad Boston possession, Butler came down with the ball and started to bolt to their side of the court. And then… this happened. (via ClutchPoints)

Butler made a rather bizarre move at the time, taking a fastbreak 3-pointer with more than 15 seconds left on the clock. What’s crazy is that the Heat star clearly had a wide-open lane… and yet, he came up just short on the attempt.

Many fans on NBA Twitter were taken aback by Butler’s shot attempt. Here are a few reactions from Heat and non-Heat fans alike.


Of course, there were fans that roasted the Heat star alive for his decision-making.

There were also some Jimmy Butler defenders on Twitter (including NFL star CB Jalen Ramsey), saying that the Heat star earned the right to try that shot.

What’s done is done. Jimmy Butler took a risk for the Miami Heat to end the game right then and there. Unfortunately for him… Lady Luck wasn’t on his side for this shot.