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Puma signs Heat’s Kendrick Nunn to multi-year deal after getting Derrick Jones Jr.

Kendrick Nunn, Derrick Jones, Heat

The Miami Heat don’t have a lot of star power compared to the rest of the NBA. However, sportswear brand Puma is not sleeping on their young players. It added Kendrick Nunn to its roster of players after signing a multi-year deal. Derrick Jones Jr. was already in the fold.

Nick DePaula of ESPN broke the news that the Chicago native signed a multi-year deal with the brand as they continue to try to get back to the basketball market. He signed with the brand during the festivities of the All-Star weekend in the Heat guard’s home town.

Kendrick Nunn is not the only Heat player to have signed with Puma. 2020 Slam Dunk Champion Derrick Jones Jr. also got a deal that will tie him to the shoe brand. With two of the Heat’s young talent committed to the brand, the sportswear brand is hoping that their stars will rise in the next couple of years.

This is not the first time Puma got some of the league’s high-potential players. DeAndre Ayton is one of the biggest young stars who committed the early years of their career with Puma. While Ayton is still trying to find his footing in the league, his signing is a big win for Puma, as is the case with Kendrick Nunn.

They added another heavyweight to their basketball roster by acquiring J Cole recently. The Carolina-based rapper may not be a bona fide NBA star, but the Middle Child rapper is a known fan of the game. He’s also shown his ability to play ball at a high level. This move will tap both into the high-performance and “ath-leisure” markets. It has more reach than the Kendrick Nunn signing.

Puma is pulling out all the stops to build a niche in the already crowded basketball shoe market. Hopefully, their investments pay back over time with Kendrick Nunn and Derrick Jones Jr.