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Heat guard Tyler Herro gets savagely roasted in viral training clip

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Tyler Herro is out to put the memories of his harsh sophomore season to rest. As the Miami Heat guard is doing his part to bounce back strong in year three, his latest training video appears to have backfired in terms of changing the critics’ perception.

Herro posted his best Ryan Garcia impersonation on Saturday, drawing plenty of flack throughout the Twitterverse in no time.


Some of these reactions are downright savage:

“Yeah… he needs to stick to basketball.”

“If that dude is a boxing coach, he isn’t very good at it. Teach the fundamental. Hands up, chin tucked, and how to throw a proper punch.”

“Still waiting for a good punch in that vid.”
“Everyone got to start somewhere I guess.” 
“Stephen A watching this and seeing Tyler take over as the worst boxer on social media.”
There’s a lot more from where these came from and all that’s needed is a quick peek into the tweet’s comments.
If Herro’s grind pays off next season, the Heat would receive a significant push in contribution. In his rookie year, Herro won the hearts of many with his fearless style of play. He was never afraid of the moment, even shining
in his first NBA Finals stint.
Forget about the form. Tyler Herro deserves credit for not slacking off during the offseason. First and foremost, he’s a basketball player and not a boxer. Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra, and the rest of Heat Nation can only hope those shoulders won’t be affected by his punching form.