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Warriors beat reporter raises question on Heat star Dwyane Wade’s game-winner

Long-time Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade hit a clutch and very improbable last-second three-pointer to lift his team over Golden State Warriors.

In his final season in the NBA, Wade has had his share of magical moments, most of which involve standing ovations. This one involved a shot that had no business going in.

Though Anthony Slater of The Athletic thinks that the game-winning shot for the Heat may not have even happened in time.

There is less than a second left in that frame. Apparently, Wade collected the ball and stepped behind the three-point line in 0.8 seconds. It is a lot to do in a very short amount of time.

There are rules, and if Wade did not get the shot off in time then he did not score the winning bucket for the Heat. But man is it a much better narrative if the one time NBA superstar hits a shot like that to beat the best team in the league in the most impossible way.

Even under post game reviews, the feelgood story is Wade’s finish. However, Slater’s tweet makes it really hard to believe that is true. 0.8 seconds is just not a lot of time to collect the ball and release a shot.

The Warriors do not care about narrative. They entered the game with only a 0.5 game lead on the second place Denver Nuggets. Getting that win is very important to the race for first place in a loaded Western Conference.

It is hard to believe Wade got the shot off based on that picture, but the refs called it a shot.

The Heat beat the Warriors at the hands of one of the best to ever play the game.

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