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Why Heat vet Andre Iguodala won’t coach after retirement

Andre Iguodala, Heat

Miami Heat swingman Andre Iguodala is widely regarded in the NBA as a high IQ player, which is why many assume that he would become a coach when he retires.

Well, not so fast.

In a story by Sam Amick of The Athletic, Iguodala said he doesn’t see himself on the sidelines — at least for now. He noted that he wants to call the shots in a more familiar place: his home.

“No, no coaching. No coaching. I won’t rule it out, but I doubt it. I’ve got little kids, and I want to be present for them. But yeah, like I said, there (are) so many opportunities, and that’s probably the hardest thing for me, is to decide which one I’m going to go into or could I still be able to juggle these things when I’m done playing,” the heat veteran said.

The 36-year-old forward has two kids with his childhood sweetheart Christina Gutierrez, whom he married in 2015.

Andre Iguodala is looking to win his fourth title as he enters his sixth straight trip to the Last Dance. He was instrumental in the Heat’s series-clinching win in Game 6 of the East Finals, scoring a season-high 15 points off the bench against the Boston Celtics.

The former Finals MVP can still contribute, especially in crucial situations. But now in his 16th year, he has also openly talked about his eventual retirement and admitted he’s still grasping with the reality of it.

“Can I have a role here, or a role here and a role there? That’s a really hard thing to do when you retire because there’s always that saying: Once you’re out the league, they forget about you. You hear about that a lot,” the Heat swingman furthered.

For what it’s worth, Iggy highlighted he has other projects and businesses to fall back on. He has his Andre Iguodala Youth Foundation and other philanthropic endeavors. He also has investments in the ever-expanding technology industry in Silicon Valley in San Francisco, where he’s trying to persuade his fellow players to follow suit.