The start to the Miami Heat's 2020-21 season has been unimpressive, to say the least. Following their incredible run inside the NBA Bubble last season, which saw them climb all the way to the NBA Finals, things haven't fallen into place so far this season.

Considering their schedule and the teams they faced, a 4-4 start isn't so bad. However, a .500 record early in this unpredictable season also isn't ideal.

The Heat's rough start has brought them back to the conversation of possibly shaking things up and putting a trade package for two of the biggest superstars in the trade market today–James Harden or Bradley Beal. As Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer reports, Miami has surfaced to be the dark horse in trading for either Harden or Beal from their respected teams.

Harden has been asking for a trade from the Houston Rockets for months now, while Beal has been on the same boat–especially with how the Washington Wizards have started their season.

Per O'Connor's report, league sources have mentioned the Heat in terms of a possible landing spot for either superstar. However, a deal would only be possible if Miami is willing to include second-year sharpshooter Tyler Herro in trade talks.

Miami doesn't have a ton of draft picks to offer and the fact that they only have their 2027 first-round pick has been one of the main reasons early discussions between them and Houston didn't pan out. If the franchise is willing to risk and let go of a potential superstar in Herro and go all-in on building a championship contender right now by adding either Beal or Harden, then the Heat should indeed be back on the table.