The Miami Heat have been linked with Kyrie Irving as of late after the Brooklyn Nets star included them in his six-team wish list. However, NBA insider Brian Windhorst thinks the South Beach franchise could look past Kyrie and focus on Kevin Durant instead.

Rumors have it that if Irving ends up leaving the Nets, Durant could also ask out. For Windhorst, trying to trade for KD after the Irving situation blew up would be something the Heat could do.

“The godfather move is not to trade for Kyrie Irving. The godfather move is to let the Kyrie Irving situation to blow up and then wait for Kevin Durant to say he wants out of there. That's the Miami Heat move,” Windhorst said on ESPN's Get Up.

Now that is certainly an interesting way to put it. If everything else collapses for the Nets, they won't have much leverage trading Kevin Durant as the superstar forward could simply pressure the team to move him to his preferred destination without regard what the team can get in return.

Of course any trade involving Durant would still involve a massive package of stars, picks and other assets, and as it currently stands, it is questionable what the Heat could offer without destroying their core. Nonetheless, Windhorst's take on “why trade for Kyrie if you can get KD?” make sense, especially since chasing for the veteran guard could rule them out for the Durant sweepstakes.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Irving situation in Brooklyn, but Nets fans are certainly hoping it gets resolved soon.