Heat video: Miami fan cries after Dwyane Wade signs his shoe
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Video: Heat fan cries after Dwyane Wade signs his shoe

Dwyane Wade, Heat

One Miami Heat fan could not help but break down into tears after he got his shoes signed by star guard Dwyane Wade.

The Heat went on the road and picked up a 115-98 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Friday night, and after the game, Wade took the time to greet a Miami fan.

That led to Wade being the ultimate good guy by signing the fan’s shoe, which resulted in the man bursting into tears:

Now, the immediate reaction to this via social media will probably involve making fun of a grown man for crying.

However, as is always the case, you never know what something like this means to a person or what he may be going through in life.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and it’s clear that being able to interact with Wade while getting a shoe signed was one of the coolest moments ever for this dude.

That’s what makes these types of interactions between athletes and fans so special. Hardcore fans go above and beyond to support their favorite players and teams, and when the players return the favor by showing their own appreciation, it creates awesome moments like this one.

Dwyane Wade scored just two points in 21 minutes, but it certainly didn’t matter to this Heat fan. All that mattered was the opportunity to get a signed shoe and a hug from the three-time NBA champion.

Miami will now head to Los Angeles on Saturday for a showdown with the Clippers.