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Did Miles Bridges just hint at looming exit from Hornets amid free agency buzz?

Hornets, Miles Bridge

Miles Bridges enters the offseason as one of the most in-demand players in free agency. The Charlotte Hornets stud had an outstanding season in 2021-22, and it comes as no surprise that teams are lining up to try and get the 24-year-old to their respective cities.

For his part, it seems like Bridges himself has just dropped a major clue as to his plans for the future. The 6-foot-6 forward curiously decided to remove any affiliation with the Hornets from his social media bios:

For reference, we used archive.org to take a peep at Bridges’ old Twitter bio, and true enough, it used to say that he’s a “Forward for the Charlotte Hornets:”


Bridges has since replaced his bio with a simple, “It’s me”.

We could obviously be reading too much into this, but it’s definitely quite dubious that he decided to remove the Hornets from his bio at this time.

And then there’s also this tweet from Saturday where Bridges clapped back at some harsh criticism from a random Charlotte fan:

Reports suggest that Bridges could be looking for a max deal. Technically speaking, he is a restricted free agent, and the Hornets can actually match any offer from an opposing team. It goes without saying that Charlotte’s resolve for the former Michigan State standout is going to be put to the ultimate test this summer.