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Steve Clifford cleared to return from medical issue

Steve Clifford

The Charlotte Hornets are in dire need of a man who can bring back their bearings straight as they’re still the 11th spot of the Eastern Conference. Fortunately, Coach Steve Clifford has been cleared by the team’s medical staff after a month of leave.

It was confirmed Thursday night that the 56-year-old coach will be back to coaching his team on Tuesday. Coach Clifford has been out of his coaching duties since Dec. 4.

And since then, Coach Steve Silas took over as head coach of the Hornets. Though there was no official confirmation on the real condition the coach was in, sources say that it’s due to severe headaches.

The coach has also been experiencing this medical condition before the season started. Clifford will have a press conference on Friday at the Spectrum Center.

His comeback game will be at home when the Hornets will play against the Washington Wizards. With this, the team will be back to their usual selves.

They’re also more likely to win the following games as they’re more at ease with Clifford’s coaching presence. The Hornets were 8-13 ever since Coach Clifford left the team due to his medical condition.

Now, the Hornets have a 16-24 standing and are looking to recover from their 111-115 loss at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks in their game against the Utah Jazz this Friday night. Kemba Walker scored 41 points and four assists during their last game against the Mavericks, while Dwight Howard contributed 12 rebounds.

These two high-caliber players are expected to be playing this Friday night.