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VIDEO: LaMelo Ball pulls off insane behind-the-back pass to Miles Bridges in Hornets preseason debut

LaMelo Ball Hornets Miles Bridges

Regardless of what you may think of him–or his family for that matter–there’s no denying that Charlotte Hornets top rookie LaMelo Ball knows how to make passing the ball look gorgeous.

Playing in his first exhibition match with the Charlotte Hornets, Ball pulled off an incredible, no-look, behind-the-back pass to a cutting Miles Bridges for a breakaway score against the Toronto Raptors. See it for yourself, and behold the play that is certain to make LaVar Ball insufferable for the rest of the weekend:

Drafted with the third overall pick in last month’s NBA draft, Ball entered the league as a prospect with unparalleled passing ability, but concerns over his shooting and defense. While deficiencies in a rookie’s skillset are nothing new, the discussion surrounding Ball was unusually stark given the media presence that his family–and in particular, his father–is famous for.

Nevertheless, for an organization in Charlotte that has historically been starved of top tier talent, the opportunity to draft a player with the upside of LaMelo was simply too enticing to pass up, regardless of any off the court concerns.

Slated to come off the bench for the foreseeable future, the pass to Bridges was one of four assists Ball has totaled in the game thus far, though he has yet to score a point. With the final quarter winding down, the Hornets trail the Raptors by nearly 20 points.

As Charlotte and Ball are learning, no matter how pretty it may look, a basket is only ever worth two points.