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Lil Dicky doesn’t want LaVar Ball to forget about him in post about sons making NBA

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The Ball family has once again been the stuff of headlines of late, thanks in large part to LaMelo Ball, being selected third overall by the Charlotte Hornets in the recently-concluded 2020 NBA Draft. Now that the Balls are in the limelight again, rapper Lil Dicky just wants LaVar Ball to remember that he too deserves credit for being the little-known fourth Ball brother.

LaVar recently took to Twitter to post an endearing image representing the journey his sons have been on. Lil Dicky caught wind of the post, and took the opportunity to remind the world of his presence:

For those in need of context, here is a great spot from a few years back that presented Lil Dicky aka LiDicky Ball as the fourth son of LaVar Ball:

That was good for a proper laugh, yes? You can always count on Lil Dicky for your occasional dose of comedic relief. Oh, and he’s a pretty good rapper, too, in case you didn’t know.

In all seriousness, though, credit needs to be given where it is due. LaVar Ball has always been seen as a loudmouthed individual who often utters the most outlandish statements. That’s pretty much been his trademark. By doing so, however, he has guided all three of his sons to the NBA.

LaVar Ball may not be a conventional father figure — he actually isn’t like your typical human being — but you can’t deny that he has done a remarkable job in raising three boys that are now playing in the best basketball league in the entire planet.