Hunter Henry: Ranking the three best landing spots in free agency
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Hunter Henry

Hunter Henry: Ranking the three best landing spots in free agency

When healthy, Los Angeles Chargers tight end Hunter Henry is one of the best at his position in the NFL. Henry has played just 41 games in his four seasons as a Charger so there’s certainly a risk involved in signing the 25-year-old but for teams in need of a dynamic weapon at tight end, it doesn’t get much better than Henry.

Henry is set to become a free agent this offseason and with his skill set and the NFL’s increased importance of the tight end position in recent years, the former second-round pick will surely drum up a lot of interest from multiple teams.

New England Patriots

The Patriots situation at tight end has been pretty abysmal since Rob Gronkowski retired. Injuries and a lack of production have hindered the team’s offensive potential and the addition of a young star like Henry could fix that.

In 12 games this season, Hunter Henry recorded 652 yards and five touchdowns. Veteran Ben Watson lead Patriots tight ends with just 173 yards this season and rookie Ryan Izzo was the only tight end with a receiving touchdown.

If New England wants to get back to winning Super Bowls, the Patriots need to revamp the weapons on offense, and Hunter Henry fits the team’s biggest need.

Los Angeles Chargers

With the recent announcement that the Chargers will be moving on from longtime quarterback Philip Rivers, it appears the Chargers will take a quarterback in the upcoming draft.

What better way to ensure the success of an unproven rookie than surrounding him with weapons. The Chargers already have two established talents at receiver with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams but bringing Hunter Henry back would be a major safety blanket for a rookie QB.

At 6-foot-5 and 250-pounds, Hunter Henry is a big target that excels in both red-zone situations and in the open field. Add in Austin Ekeler who is an excellent pass-catching back and possibly Melvin Gordon (also a free agent) and a vast amount of weight would be lifted off the shoulders of whoever starts under center for Los Angeles next season.

Arizona Cardinals

Similar to the Chargers, a quality tight end can do wonders for the development of a young quarterback. Kyler Murray showed flashes of brilliance in his rookie season but with Larry Fitzgerald entering his late 30s and second-year pro Christian Kirk still developing, Murray and the Cardinals should pursue Hunter Henry.

Last offseason, Arizona signed veteran tight end Charles Clay to a one-year deal. However, at 30 years old, Clay is no longer the player he was earlier in his career and his 421 yards and one touchdown in the last two seasons combined are a testament to that.

The Cardinals should have a good bit of money to play around with 2020 and Hunter Henry would be an excellent addition to Kliff Kingsbury’s pass-happy offense.