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‘I wouldn’t put it past this guy’: Skip Bayless claims LeBron James could play with Bronny AND Bryce in NBA

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A recent video clip of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James putting in an intense workout session with his two sons is recently making its rounds on social media. The Jameses were throwing down dunks and draining shots in the Lakers’ practice facility, and it was indeed a sight to behold.

It sounds like Skip Bayless has seen the video. Even if he hasn’t, it is clear that the renowned broadcaster holds LeBron in high regard in terms of The King’s elite fitness level. On a recent episode of Undisputed, Bayless talked up the possibility of James potentially playing in the NBA not only with his eldest son, Bronny but with 15-year-old Bryce as well.

According to Skip, LeBron’s mentality can be likened to that of the great Tom Brady in terms of how meticulously they take care of their bodies (h/t Michael Macasero of sportskeeda):

“You cannot tell me that LeBron is not inspired by Brady from a distance just watching what he’s doing. … LeBron does have Brady’s commitment to fitness. There’s no burnout on meetings, film study. He loves that, and he gets nutrition. … He’s gonna shatter the mold for how long you can go.”

In this light, Bayless argues that LeBron James could actually play with his two sons in the NBA someday:

“And as long as his heart stays in it, is it plausible – like, distantly possible – that he could get to a point where if they do away with the one-and-dones that he could play with Bronny and Bryce? I wouldn’t put it past that guy.”

Right now, Bronny is still two years away from being eligible in the NBA. Bryce, on the other hand, still has four more years to go — under current league rules, that is. Could Bayless’ bold claim actually come to fruition someday?