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Is this NBA card collector’s Kobe Bryant collection the greatest you’ve ever seen?

Kobe Bryant card collection

There comes a point in the hobby when someone shows off a collection so insane there are no words to describe it. Just recently, a collector managed to accomplish this feat by showing his massive Kobe Bryant card collection to the world. Spoiler alert: it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed about when it comes to basketball cards.

In a video shared by Cardporn, Mike, more commonly known as point4seconds on Instagram, is moving towards a table filled with PSA slabs on it. At first, a couple of graded Steph Curry cards can be seen, which is already an awesome pull by itself. From that point, it gets a lot better.

Mike then moved on to his Kobe Bryant card collection, which comprised of insane patch autographed cards, short-print parallels, and gem-mint slabs of the late All-Star. In what seemed like forever, the video followed a long line of graded Black Mamba cards, including his rookie offerings.

At some point in the video, a PSA 10 Jambalaya insert of Bryant was pulled out. Over on eBay, the closest comparison is a copy encased in a BGS 9 slab, which is worth $18,200. For sure, the PSA 10 copy is worth a lot more than its BGS counterpart with a lesser grade.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If the value of all those Kobe Bryant cards is calculated, it’s going to be enough to set any collector for life. With the reputation of The Black Mamba set in stone, these cards will be a good investment down the road because there will always be a healthy demand for them.