Jabari Banks is a popular actor who currently stars in the TV series Bel-Air. He has also appeared in TV series as himself in The Mandela Project, Access Hollywood, and The Amber Ruffin Show. Banks is a BET Award nominee. For this piece, let’s take a closer look at Jabari Banks’ net worth in 2023.

Jabari Banks’ net worth in 2023 (estimate): $1 million

Jabari Banks' net worth in 2023

Jabari Banks’ net worth in 2023 is $1 million. This is according to outlets such as Spice Cinemas.

Jabari Banks was born on August 2, 1998. He attended Riverdale Baptist School before attending college at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Here, Banks earned a bachelor’s degree in musical theater.

After graduating from university in 2020, Banks worked at a factory in Temecula, California. With his mother’s help, Banks engaged in a temp job wrapping gutters. Here, he was paid $21 per hour on top of in-stay and transportation benefits.

Fortunately, a year later, Banks had the opportunity to leave the manufacturing job. He was able to nab the role of the modern-day Will Smith in Peacock’s reboot TV series called Bel-Air. In fact, according to sources, Banks only auditioned for the role via Zoom. Thus far, this has been Banks’ first and only acting credit.

But despite lacking in acting experience, Banks has shined brightly in the Peacock original series. In fact, Bel-Air has emerged as the most-watched show on the platform by garnering as much as eight million viewers. On top of that, Banks received a BET Award nomination for Best Actor after making a modern-day Will Smith come to life in the show.

Bel-Air producer, Rasheed Newson, had only great things to say about Banks’ professionalism and talent.

At Deadline Contenders Television, Newson stated this: “If I can brag on Jabari for a quick second here: There’s what you see on screen and that’s talent and that’s great but that’s not the entire job. You’re No. 1 on the call sheet and you have to show up at 5 o’clock in the morning day in and day out. You have to pace yourself through a lot of pages and a lot of work—and you have to do it during a pandemic. You have to be spot-on every day and that’s a lot. He didn’t have a lot of professional experience when he started which kept me up at night as we were trying to decide to give him the job but it was a very good gamble which paid off tremendously.”

For an actor, Banks’ net worth isn’t as high given that he has only had one acting gig thus far. Although Jabari Banks’ net worth isn’t that high, he should be penciled to earn more in the near future. After a successful opening season for Bel-Air, Banks is set to reprise his role in 2023. Furthermore, Banks hasn’t hid his intention of making his big-screen debut in the near future.

According to People magazine, Banks admitted: “I’m really interested in doing action movies and getting into my action bag. So that’s going to be fun to do.”

After an excellent performance in Bel-Air, a movie role for Banks should be in the books.

Aside from acting, Banks is also a musician and dancer. Given that he has a bachelor’s degree in musical theater, this doesn’t come as a surprise. While Will Smith was a rapper before starring in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Banks has also shown similarities. Besides also coming from Philadelphia, in 2018, Banks released a single called Snack. Four years later, Banks also rapped alongside hit singer Kelly Clarkson in a February episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. During the same year, Banks showed us a glimpse of his dancing skills on NBC’s show called Dancing With Myself. In the segment, Banks danced to the beat of the single Wow by Post Malone.

Furthermore, Banks is also set to appear on NBC’s That’s My Jam for Season 2. Here, Banks will have to play games concerning music and dance on the show. He will also get to be featured on the show alongside established stars such as Marvel star Simu Liu, WWE wrestler Alexa Bliss, and seasoned performers such as Jason Derulo, Nicole Scherzinger, Adam Lambert, Jenna Dewan, and many more.

Given that Banks had a breakout role in only his first acting role and is getting more exposure by the day, it’s only a matter of time before Banks establishes himself in the entertainment industry. It’s safe to say that the sky’s the limit for the Bel-Air star.

Nonetheless, this is all the information we have on Jabari Banks. Were you at all stunned by Jabari Banks’ net worth in 2023?