Gamers and comedians unite in a one-of-a-kind collaborative show in “Gamer and the Mouth,” where gaming icon and Youtube content creator Jacksepticeye joins forces with Chris Redd, in collaboration with Cinemark and Real Good Touring.

The two will appear in the pre-recorded show across 200 Cinemark theaters, co-hosting Gamer and the Mouth, where they will be joined by a cast of gamers and comedians. Tickets are available now at Cinemark’s website, with the one-day-only broadcast happening on October 7, 2023.

The cast of competitors and comedians are as follows:



Gamer and the Mouth aims to connect the worlds of gaming and comedy in a unique competition-style format. The event will see top gamers competing in a series of game challenges, with a twist. Each gamer will be paired with a comedian whose role is to back up the gamer by lifting them up while distracting the gamer’s opponent.

“With this event, we wanted to bring back the feel of gaming before it became professional esports,” says Jacksepticeye. “That means trash talking with your friends while playing your favorite games.”

In Gamer and the Mouth, gamers will be eliminated each round with the winners moving on to subsequent rounds. In the finals, challengers will compete to win the Gamer and the Mouth Trophy. Gamer and the Mouth differs from other competitions in how the mouth is integrated. In addition to diversionary tactics like trash talk, once per round, a co-host can press the Distraction Button resulting in increasingly ridiculous interruptions. In addition, the losers of each round will be subject to a predetermined hilarious punishment.

Gamer and the Mouth is directed by DGA and Emmy-nominated director and Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award-winning writer Richie Keen. It was created and executive produced by Anthony Dayo, Christopher Macken, and Richie Keen. Executive producers include Sean McLoughlin, Arin Hanson, and Brent Lilley. Gamer and the Mouth was produced and written by  Stella Young and Julien Bensimhon.

This will definitely be an entertaining show that will put our gaming icons in situations they haven’t dealt with before in gaming. When gamers are taken out of their comfort zones, hilarity usually ensues, and we’re down to see how this contest will play out.

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