Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal ended up being face-to-face in a parking lot in Miami on Wednesday.

The interaction — posted by the Betr social media account — occurred outside the “Betr warehouse” with both men surrounded by their personal crew and cameramen.

It starts off with Paul telling the camera that “apparently Masvidal showed up to the betr warehouse” before he went to meet the UFC star.

This is how the interaction went:

Paul: “Why are you trying to cause trouble?”

Masvidal: “Nah, it’s my city.”

Paul: “It’s your city, so you own this right here?”

Masvidal: “No, not that.”

Paul: “… You’ve been saying a lot on Ariel Helwani’s (show).”

Masvidal: “Like what, what'd I say?”

Paul: “You called me a punk b***h.”

Masvidal: “I did.”

The video cuts off there. You can watch it below:

Of course, this is more than likely to be staged, but it's unclear for what reason if that is the case.

Paul has called out Masvidal a number of times over the years for a boxing match. However, Masvidal — who recently retired from MMA in April — didn't reciprocate the interest, especially after Paul suffered his first professional defeat against Tommy Fury.

“If he would have stayed undefeated and all of a sudden would have became an actual household name, I would have loved to burst that bubble,” Masvidal said prior to his defeat against Gilbert Burns. “I would have broke right through his f*****g face because at the end of the day, when he was a Disney princess living that life, I was already earning my stripes and competing. From the backyards, all the way to headlining shows in Miami.

“This dude and me is more just like him to boost his name up and stuff like that. Especially now that I got a fight coming up coincidentally he wants to call me out. This guy sees me and he runs from me.”

For now, Masvidal is seemingly focused on his job as a promoter while Paul is getting ready to box former UFC star Nate Diaz in August.