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Video: James Harden confronts heckler who accused him of flopping

James Harden has been known as a player who likes to drive to the basket whenever he gets the chance to.

Given his style of play, he tends to attract a lot of defenders. He has also mastered the art of selling calls in order to gain an advantage and also shoot more free throws. Though this may be seen as a good ploy, and is part of the game, a lot of people have branded him as a “flopper.”

This branding has not only been with the Houston Rockets‘ shooting guard in his games in the NBA, but has followed him even in summer leagues. During his Drew League game last Sunday in Los Angeles, a fan sitting at courtside decided to speak his mind out and felt the need to call him out after a foul was called after Harden’s exaggeration.

Hoopjab.com uploaded the video of the conversation between the heckler and the four-time All-Star. The audio was so clear that a former NBA player’s name was heard clearly said. Of course, we all know who Vlade Divac is and how his name became synonymous to flopping.

Here are some excerpts:

Heckler: “How many free throws you got? You flopping out there, bro. You Vlade Divac’ing out there, bro.”

Harden: “A flop means you don’t get touched.”

In the NBA, flops can be reviewed even after the game and may result to fines issued by the league office. But after recently signing a max extension with the Rockets, Harden may not mind it as much should he be given one.

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