Just a month before the blockbuster trade between the Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards that sent Russell Westbrook to D.C., John Wall and James Harden were seen playing some pick-up ball.

Peep the clip below to see Harden and Wall in action. Wall, who had been sidelined for quite a while due to various injuries, seems to be ready to go.

He remains explosive as ever with what looks like a smoother jumper. James Harden, for his part, continues to dazzle with his offensive skills. He even had the nerve to unleash a one-legged step-back jumper.

This isn't necessarily a preview of what's to come. After all, Wall and Harden were matched up against each other in the pickup game. The two probably didn't know that they'll be teammates only a month later. During this time, rumors were just circulating around. James Harden and John Wall have been in the league long enough to know not to give in to such whispers.

As revealed by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, talks between the Wizards and Rockets came to half after initial conversations. It was just on Wednesday afternoon that they resumed their dialogue and sealed the deal.

It's still a matter of wait-and-see if the Harden-Wall pairing works out. But Rockets fans are excited to have an explosive guard like Wall on the team. Yes, he's coming off an injury. But the pick-up game reveals John Wall is pretty close to a hundred percent.