Jason Paige Finally Speaks Out on Pokeverse

The Voice of a Generation finally speaks out on the infamous Pokemon convention.

Jason Paige points and speaks out on the Pokeverse Pokemon convention.

Jason Paige, best known as the guy who sang the first theme song for the English version of the Pokemon television series, finally spoke out about the Pokeverse Pokemon convention issue.

Despite all the negative chatter around Pokeverse, Paige had a positive stance on what happened during the infamous Pokemon convention. In this exclusive interview, we caught up with Paige to get his comments on Pokeverse during his visit and meet and greet at TOPS, Cebu, Philippines.

Jason Paige on Pokeverse

With all the negative buzz surrounding Pokeverse, Jason Paige had an opposite outlook on what transpired during the Pokemon-themed expo. In fact, Paige describes the event as an incredible one when he mentions about it for the first time in our exclusive interview.

“What an incredible event that was Pokemon-themed,” Jason Paige first describes the unofficial Pokemon convention during our interview.

To catch you up real quick, Paige, together with former Ash Ketchum voice actress Veronica Taylor, recently guested in an unofficial Pokemon convention called Pokeverse in the Philippines. Unfortunately, Pokeverse has been compared by some to the likes of the Willy Wonka and the Fyre Festival fiascos for its unsatisfactory execution.

Jason Paige's Personal Experience at Pokeverse

Talking about his personal experience, Paige said the Pokeverse Pokemon convention was excellent, especially considering it was the organizer's first foray into organizing Pokemon conventions.

“It was excellent! That was their first event ever and I thought everything went really well,” Paige affirms in our interview.

Although he admits that the venue space was a little bit bigger for the number of attendees, Paige insisted that it was actually a better situation for all. He supported this claim by citing that most comic conventions tend to be jam-packed with little to no room at all for attendees to breathe.

“The room was a little too big for the amount of people, but it was better because of that. When you go to comic cons, things are so crowded in there. They're squished together to the point you can't even see anything,” Paige shares his thoughts in our interview.

“At first, I thought the space was too big but then, by the end of it, I realized that the space [being] bigger is better. It gave people more opportunity to stand back and see what was going on,” he continued.

Jason Paige on Pokeverse's Criticisms: ‘It's just clickbait'

Continuing our interview, Jason Paige thinks the criticisms of the unofficial Pokemon convention were utter nonsense.

“I've read some of the criticisms online and it's nonsense. It's ridiculous. None of that stuff [that happened in Pokeverse] was unusual at all,” Paige shares.

Without name-dropping, he also refuted some of the claims of the girl who “started the whole negative chain”.

“I was there with her and she was having an amazing time. She was great. She loved every minute of [Pokeverse] when she was there.”

Following that, Jason Paige makes a point about how people easily piled on the Pokemon convention simply because negativity gets more online engagement these days.

“I think people don't click on happy news. They only click on bad news.”

He then contrasted Pokeverse with the Willy Wonka and the Fyre Festival event fiascos, stating the Pokemon convention wasn't an outright disaster at all.

“Those other festivals that they compared [Pokevese] to, those were literal, physical disasters of epic proportions.”

In the end, Paige simply describes the entire situation as sensationalized drama, succinctly stating: “It's just clickbait.”

Jason Paige on Pokeverse: “More People Should Have Seen It”

Despite all the drama Pokeverse generated, Jason Paige hopes Pokemon fans will give an event like Pokeverse another chance in the future.

“They did everything right. [Pokeverse] was just in a space that was big. More people should have seen it because the people that did come… everybody was happy. The vendors were great,” Paige shares in our interview.

He then compared it to other comic conventions that he usually goes to. He cites how Pokeverse offered a variety of things to do. From live performances, tournaments, and themed food vendors, these offerings are apparently missing from the conventions he usually attends.

“There were just so many more things [at Pokeverse] than there are at a normal, average comic con.”

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