A highly anticipated “Willy Wonka Experience” in Glasgow turned into a nightmare for families as they found themselves in what was described as an “abandoned, empty warehouse” instead of the promised magical journey, BBC reports. The event, advertised as a whimsical adventure filled with enchanting surprises, left disappointed attendees demanding refunds and police intervention.

Angry parents and children expressed their frustration as the event, organized by House of Illuminati, was abruptly canceled midway through Saturday due to numerous complaints. Eva Stewart, one of the attendees, recounted the disappointment of seeing children crying at the dismal sight of the venue, which was expected to feature chocolate fountains and optical illusions. Many attendees had traveled long distances to attend the event, only to find it falling far short of expectations.

Eva reported that actors hired for the Wonka event were forced to abandon their scripts and improvise on the spot. Yulia Burns, who had paid £36 for two tickets, shared her disappointment at arriving to find no indication of cancellation at the door or on the website, despite the event being called off. The lack of communication and the continued availability of tickets added to the frustration of attendees, leading to a tense atmosphere at the venue.

In response to the outcry from the Wonka experience, House of Illuminati issued an apology on Facebook, acknowledging the shortcomings of the event and promising full refunds to all ticket holders. Police were called to the scene, offering advice amidst the growing unrest among attendees.

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Matthew Waterfield, operations manager at the Box Hub venue, clarified that they were not responsible for the event's promotion and advertisement, merely providing the space for the occasion. Glasgow City Council's Trading Standards department received complaints about the event, advising affected individuals to contact the event organizer for refunds.