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David Stern says Utah has the most intense fanbase

david stern, jazz

For former NBA commissioner David Stern, the Utah Jazz have the most intense fanbase.

Check out the interview below by BIG EAST Conference where Stern answers a few questions. For him, there’s no fanbase as rabid as that of Utah:

“We’ve got some crazy fanbases all over but they’re about as intense as it comes in Utah.”

Stern was the league’s commissioner from 1984 to 2014. So his statement definitely holds a ton of credibility. During most games, Stern can be easily spotted in the stands, enjoying the game with the audience.

And according to data from ESPN, home attendance in Jazz basketball games have fallen safely within the top 15 in the league since 2001. What the data fail to show is how rowdy and noisy Jazz fans can be.

This is an incredible feat given that the Jazz have never been really considered as serious contenders over the past few years.  They’ve managed to qualify for the playoffs from time to time but they usually fall in the first or second round. The last time they went to the NBA Finals was in the 1997-98 season under the leadership of legends Karl Malone and John Stockton.

Despite their struggles, Jazz fans have been consistently lining up for tickets to watch their home team in action. This trend might rise in the next few years as incoming second-year man Donovan Mitchell is poised to lead the team back to its glory days.