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Donovan Mitchell’s ‘crazy’ reaction to Eric Paschall trade to Jazz from Warriors

Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, Eric Paschall, Warriors

All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell couldn’t hold back his excitement after the Utah Jazz traded for Eric Paschall from the Golden State Warriors.

On Twitter, Mitchell retweeted a photo of him and Paschall when they were younger and playing together on travel teams together on the East Coast. The Jazz’ scorer is still in awe of how far they’ve gone together and how they are now set to play alongside each other in Salt Lake City.

The Warriors sent Eric Paschall to the Jazz on Wednesday in exchange for a top-42 protected second-round pick from the Memphis Grizzlies. The Dubs made the move in order to clear a roster spot as they try to build a contender around Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Apparently, though, Paschall wanted to be sent to the Jazz to reunite with his childhood friend–and the Dubs were more than happy to oblige.

As mentioned, Paschall and Donovan Mitchell go way back. They grew up as close friends in Westchester County in New York, playing together a lot. While Mitchell was drafted in 2017, Paschall stayed in college before entering the league as a rookie for the Warriors in 2019.

In their first showdown against each other, Paschall noted how no one thought they would be able to make it to the highest level of professional basketball.

Sure enough, Jazz fans should be excited to see the chemistry the two have developed over the years.