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Jordan Clarkson’s hilarious response to Jazz’s Quin Snyder coaching in the NBA All-Star Game

Quin Snyder Jordan Clarkson Jazz All-Star Game

Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder earned the head coach position for Team James, as he will face off against Doc Rivers and Team Durant on March 7. He will be coaching his first All-Star game, so he’ll need some time to get acclimated to the environment and pace of a normal All-Star game. Jordan Clarkson of the Jazz doesn’t think so:

Snyder’s Jazz are the team to beat in the Western Conference, as the team’s 26-7 record has put them at the very top. They didn’t get there with Snyder being nice and calm. Snyder’s intensity on the sideline is what has driven the Jazz’s success this season, and that same energy will be key for the team’s success in the playoffs this season. As for the All-Star game, why should he not coach Team LeBron with as much intensity as he coaches the Jazz?

There’s a common stereotype that All-Star games are where players can just dunk, throw alley-oops, and let shots fly from beyond the arc to their heart’s content. If the players have so much independence, it would be understandable for why Snyder would take it down a gear or two.

Last year’s All-Star game made a statement, however. It didn’t match the stereotypes of previous years’ All-Star games. This one was special. There were displays of competition and team chemistry, partly due to the Elam ending, as the best players in the league played to their full potential, or at least close to. It was a sight to see these players putting in the effort to put on a true show for the fans. For every successful team, there’s a head coach shouting his heart out on the sideline.