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Shaquille O’Neal takes another shot at Rudy Gobert

Jazz, Shaquille O'Neal, Rudy Gobert

If you thought that the beef between Hall of Fame big man Shaquille O’Neal and Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert was over, then you are dead wrong. Well, it’s not really a beef — more of Shaq relentlessly throwing jabs at the former two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner.

On Thursday, O’Neal had another dig at Gobert, once again taking aim at how the Jazz signed the Frenchman to a $205 million extension last December:

The best part (or worst depending on where you’re sitting) about O’Neal diss is that he made the comment during the highlights of the Dallas Mavericks’ win over the Denver Nuggets. Gobert didn’t even play on Thursday.

The last time Gobert took the floor for the Jazz was on Wednesday in a loss to the New York Knicks. To be fair to the 7-foot-1 big man, he logged 14 points in that one, which is three more than Shaq’s 11-point assessment.

We’re not sure where O’Neal’s grievances towards Gobert stems from, but what we are certain of is that the legendary big man is not jumping on the Gobert hype train. The Jazz star may be one of the top centers in the league today, but if you ask Shaq, he’ll probably beg to disagree.

For what it’s worth, Gobert is currently averaging 13.9 points (on 61.6 percent shooting), 13.0 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 2.5 blocks in eight starts for the Jazz this season.

The 4-4 Jazz will return to action on Friday, as they face a tough test in Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.