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Jazz fans petition for team to build Jerry Sloan statue

Jerry Sloan, Jazz

Utah Jazz fans have started a petition that calls for the team to build a statue for legend and longtime Jazz coach Jerry Sloan.  The petition can be found here. At the moment, it already has 922 signatures, just 78 short of the target goal of 1,000. The petition states its goal is to get Sloan a monument as thanks for all he has done for the team:

“Please build Jerry Sloan his much overdue statue while we still have this wonderful man here to see it. We all know a statue is probably the last thing Jerry wants since he has always shied away from attention, but would be a great tribute for all he has done for our community and the Utah Jazz organization. If you’re a Jazz fan, please help by passing along and hopefully we can get some attention.”

Tragically, Jerry Sloan suffers from Parkinson’s and dementia, and his health is on the decline. Jazz fans would like to have the monument constructed in time for Sloan to see it built.

Sloan boasts an impressive coaching record. He was a head coach for 26 years, and 23 of them were spent with the Jazz. By the end of his career, Sloan amassed a record of 1,221-803, good for a winning percentage of 60.3.

Sloan is one of the greatest head coaches of all time. Hopefully, Utah gets a monument of some kind built for him in the upcoming months.