The New York Jets are coming off of a disappointing season, but former Iowa State running back Breece Hall remains a fan favorite. Recently, Hall shared information pertaining to a leaked video showing his harrowing encounter with an angry fan at the Newark Airport. The said fan had been seeking Hall's autograph.

On Monday, the video of Hall's frustrating ordeal at the airport went viral.

TMZ reveals Breece Hall incident 

The video from TMZ showed New York Giants legend Carl Banks getting in between Hall and the man who was allegedly seeking an autograph in a forceful way. According to the report, the said fan was seeking an autograph. But when Hall refused, the fan got angry and yelled at him.

Apparently, the said fan even challenged Hall to “be a man” and “slap” him. The Jets running back kept his cool before Banks intervened.

Addressing the issue, Hall took to X (formerly Twitter) to share what happened, noting that he refused to sign autographs because there is always the right time and place for that. Doing so in a baggage claiming area in the airport isn't that.

“If you know me you know I always show love!!! There’s a time and a place for everything but harassing me at baggage claim ain’t the time or place. Thankfully Carl and my guy Joe were there to keep anything from happenin,” Hall wrote.

Fans React to airport incident of Jets RB Breece Hall

Fans reacted to the video on Twitter with candor and frustration as they watched it unfold.

“What weirdos…Grown men chasing players around,” one fan said on X.

“Fans really need to chill. You ask once and then you leave them alone,” another added on Twitter.

Another marveled at Banks' size and composure during the standoff. “Carl Banks still ready to level someone 30 years later,” they said.

Still another commenter chalked it up to the “sad” state of affairs with today's fans in harassing players.

“Fans these days are sad people. Arguing online and harassing players for an autograph,” another reader said.