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Jets news: DC Gregg Williams says Lamar Jackson needs to learn to run less

New York Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams thinks that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is going to need to run less as his career goes on to help preserve his career. Williams said it’s been impressive how well Jackson has done at avoiding hits, but as his career goes on and he takes more hits, Jackson is going to start to feel him and his body could break down quickly.

“It’s elementary at the starting parts of it and it took Michael [Vick] quite a few years to do that and then also as the hits pile up, the motivation that Michael had to make sure he learned more about doing that so his career would be longer, Lamar is going to go through that same thing,” Williams said via the New York Post.

“It’s been remarkable on the minimal big hits that [Jackson] has taken, but when he starts taking those hits like a running back takes, it’s a tough business to be in, sometimes it motivates you to be even a better thrower.”

Williams will get his second chance to coach a defense that is going to try to slow down Jackson on Thursday night. Williams was the interim coach of the Cleveland Browns last season when they faced off with Baltimore Ravens and it didn’t go well for Williams.

Jackson had 179 passing yards, 90 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns and helped lead the Ravens to a 26-24 win. Wiliams hopes that his Jets defense will be able to put some of those hits on Jackson and that can help lead the Jets to the upset.