Jets news: Demaryius Thomas' status with New York, revealed
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Demaryius Thomas’ status with Jets, revealed

Demaryius Thomas, Jets

Demaryius Thomas could have another season with the New York Jets, according to a report by Connor Hughes of The Athletic.

The veteran wide receiver was traded to the Jets from the Patriots in September to finish out the 2019 season. While DT remains a free agent, Hughes noted that Thomas and the New York franchise are “still talking” about a potential return.

For what it’s worth, Thomas has previously said that he would want to be with the Denver Broncos. But with the latest interest from the Jets, he can’t be too picky.

“I would love to be a Denver Bronco,” Thomas said on 104.3 The Fan last April, via CBS Sports. “That’s where I got drafted, that’s where I played well. … A lot of friends that consider me family are out there. I love Denver. But it had to go down the way it did. It is what it is. I’ll retire there one day.”

The Jets aren’t the only team that could be interested with Demaryius Thomas, however. Apparently, there have been rumblings that the New York Giants could consider the 32-year-old wideout, especially after they suffered a slew of injuries at the position in 2019.

It would be a convenient switch for Thomas from one Big Apple team to another if things pan out.

While Father Time is catching up with Thomas, it’s only been three years since his magnificent 1,083-yard season with the Broncos. He could still end up being a big coup for any team willing to give him a chance.

Thomas played 11 games for the Jets last season and managed 36 catches for 433 yards and a touchdown.