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Jets cornerback DJ Reed reveals heartfelt reason for his surprising reaction to late defensive play vs. Ravens

DJ Reed, New York Jets

The New York Jets were defeated soundly by the Baltimore Ravens in their season opener, 9-24, with offensive struggles being the theme of the day for the Jets. With around two minutes and 48 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Jets down 24-3, the Ravens still had the ball at 3rd and 6. Lamar Jackson threw a deep pass only for it to be intercepted by Jets cornerback DJ Reed after an impressive read and leap.

However, it came as a surprise to many when Reed celebrated with intent, throwing his hands up in the sky while he was on his knees, the beating his chest before rising to his feet. An interception certainly helped the team’s cause, as the Jets scored in the following drive, but Reed was still criticized for what many perceived to be an over-the-top reaction.

But Reed revealed later on why he was so emotional after the interception in an interview with CBS Sports’ Otis Livingston, which will make those who criticized him eat their words.

“So my dad passed away a little right before this game,” Reed revealed, prompting Livingston to console the grieving defender. “I was emotional, still emotional, they literally told me my dad passed away so that pick was for my dad. It wasn’t celebrating, with the scoreboard [not being in our favor], that was much different [than] football.”

Some things are bigger than sports, and we all want to send our most heartfelt condolences to DJ Reed. This is another lesson in why sports fans, or anyone for that matter, should never be quick to judge someone before knowing the entire story.

Major rops to DJ Reed for still giving it his all on the field despite going through an emotionally tough situation. Hopefully he can process his loss to the best of his ability and come back even stronger on the field, with the Jets set to take on the Cleveland Browns on Week 2.