Jets news: Sam Darnold has no worries about getting hit
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Jets QB Sam Darnold has no worries about getting hit

Sam Darnold

Last week, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold told reporters that he did not want to die from returning to the field too early after being diagnosed with mononucleosis since Week 1. This week, however, Darnold was cleared by doctors to return to on-field action and he seems his worries about dying are in the past.

According to NBC Sports’ Charean Williams, Darnold will wear some protective padding to cover his spleen for the rest of the season but when asked if he has concerns about getting hit Darnold responded by saying, “I’m not worried about that.”

Darnold seems to have complete faith in an offensive line stating, “I’m trusting the guys up front to do their thing. I’m trusting the receivers to go out and get open when it’s time to pass the ball. So for me, it’s all about trust.”

I don’t know how much trust Darnold should be putting behind an offensive line that lets up more sacks per game (5.8) than any other team in the league. His receivers have not faired much better as the team’s leading receiver in Jamison Crowder has caught a total of eight balls since Darnold went down.

Make no mistake, the Jets will improve by having Darnold out there as opposed to their third-stringer, Luke Falk.

The Jets are still in search of their first win on the season but it will be a tough road as Darnold will need time to get back into football shape in addition to the Cowboys and Patriots heading to MetLife Stadium in the next two weeks.