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Jets’ Trevor Siemian (ankle) to have MRI Tuesday morning

Trevor Siemian, Jets

The season for the New York Jets is looking grimmer than ever. Not only did they lose their second game of the season, but they also have a dire situation at the quarterback position after Trevor Siemian’s horrific ankle injury.

Siemian was starting for Sam Darnold when he was hit with an illegal tackle during the game’s first half. He wasn’t able to get his left foot out of the way as he and Myles Garrett put almost 400lbs of weight on his ankle.

They still don’t have a clue to the severity of the injury, but they will have it checked the next day to see if they are once again doomed on offense. Ian Rapoport tweeted that they will have him checked tomorrow morning for an MRI.

Fortunately for the team, they had a reliable backup in Luke Falk. He played great from the pocket despite never managing to score a touchdown. he threw for 198 yards on 20/25 passing accuracy. He was able to connect with Robby Anderson and Le’Veon Bell well with crisp passes.

They do have a capable starter in Falk, but that doesn’t answer the grim situation they have at QB. They don’t have anyone to back him up. It’s likely that they’ll look at the practice squad or the free agency to get their short-term backup.

Darnold, who finished Week 1 with a decent 175 yards and an 84.9 QB rating, was contracted mono and will be out for a considerable amount of time. He’s hoping that he’ll be back by Week 5, but nobody is holding their breath on a quick return.

It’s looking like the Jets season is over and it’s not even Week 5. However, a miracle could happen and Falk becomes the hero. It’s unlikely, but the Jets fans can only hope for miracles at this point.