Jets rumors: New York wants to bring back Henry Anderson
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New York Jets want to bring back Henry Anderson

Henry Anderson, Jets

The New York Jets reportedly would like to re-sign defensive lineman Henry Anderson this offseason.

According to NBC Sports, the acquisition of Anderson is a long time coming. They dropped the ball the first time, and instead acquired a guy that the Indianapolis Colts didn’t want anymore with a seventh-round draft pick.

This time around, though, acquiring Anderson is going to cost them a lot more than it did in the previous year, but it’s a price that they seem willing to pay, since they’re looking to meet with his agent at the NFL Combine.

Per NBC Sports, Henry Anderson was a bad “schematic fit” for the Colts, and didn’t fare much better in the Jets shuffle, though when he was placed on the field, he actually performed very well.

“The Colts traded him to the Jets for next to nothing, since he was a bad scheme fit in Indianapolis. The Colts asked him to lose weight to become a 4-3 defensive end, but the Jets wanted him back at his original size to play in their 3-4, and he played well for them last year.”

But per the New York Daily News, if Henry Anderson wants to succeed on Gang Green this year, he’s going to have to switch it up a little bit.

“There was plenty of chatter last summer about Anderson being more than a vertical threat in 2018, but that didn’t really materialize. He needs to be less predictable. So, it’ll be incumbent upon the new staff to put him in positions to be a threat in different ways. I’d expect to see Anderson run more than just Go routes or Stop-and-Go routes in 2019.”