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Joe Burrow on which NFL quarterbacks don’t get enough credit

Joe Burrow Kirk Cousins Matthew Stafford

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow joined the Colin Cowherd podcast on Wednesday to discuss his disappointing Week 1 start. Among other points of discussion, Joe Burrow brought up which quarterbacks in the NFL he thought were underrated by the media.

Joe Burrow said that he often wants to call in to sports talk shows to debate the hosts on their hot takes. He finally got the chance to with Colin Cowherd.

“It’s usually not with me, it’s usually with different people across the league. Like I don’t think Matt Stafford gets enough credit, I don’t think Kirk Cousins gets enough credit for how well they’ve played for so long,” Burrow said. “It’s quarterbacks like that in certain markets that maybe didn’t have the team success or playoff wins, but they were really really good for a long time and have played well and made a lot of money.”

Kirk Cousins? Really Joe Burrow? Cousins has one playoff win in ten full seasons in the NFL. If anything, Cousins is overpaid and overrated.

Matthew Stafford makes sense as an underrated quarterback. He spent most of his career in a winless Detroit, but he racked up tremendous stats while he was there and is a potential future Hall of Famer, bolstering his case after last year’s Super Bowl victory with the Rams.

“If I was to lose a Super Bowl to somebody, I’m glad it was Matthew Stafford just because of what he has gone through in the league,” Burrow said. “He was in Detroit, no playoff wins, was really good for a long time, had a lot of good teams but just couldn’t quite get over that hump. And what he did with L.A. last year, I was happy to watch that.”

Joe Burrow showed his respect and admiration for other quarterbacks around the league, and he is only going to continue his own upward career trajectory in 2022.