Joel Embiid can drink a lot of soda. Specifically, Shirley Temples.

Embiid made a guest appearance on the Vice Sports Ride Along series to talk about his frustrations dealing with injuries and just how horribly a basketball player he used to be. He also happened to mention how many Shirley Temples he drinks each day. According to Embiid, it’s about 3-4 pitchers.

“I usually drink three or four pitchers per day,” Embiid said. “Nobody really cares about the media. They're gonna have something to say – 300 pounds or Shirley Temples. I'm just gonna let my game do the talking. I think some people are gonna be surprised, and I can't wait to show off.”

Embiid is finally expected back next season after sitting out due to injury both of his first two seasons. He was drafted as the third overall pick by the Sixers in 2014.

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