Jordan Clarkson is coming off of a career season where he averaged 20.8 points per game, and is now set to hit NBA free agency with plenty of bidders. He will be entering his 12th season in the NBA, and given his production last year, will most likely earn his most lucrative contract for his services. After coming off of the bench with the Utah Jazz, Clarkson might be looking for a team where he can be inserted into the starting lineup; however, Clarkson has been vocal that he is truly just looking for whatever makes the most sense and is willing to do whatever his future team needs of him. With all of that being said, there are plenty of potential destinations that make a lot of sense for Clarkson. However, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, and the Miami Heat are the three top spots for Jordan Clarkson to land in NBA free agency.

All three of these teams would allow Clarkson to come in and be a starter, and all three would allow him to play for potential contenders. Jordan Clarkson has been on plenty of losing teams throughout his career, so the 30-year-old undoubtedly wants to start winning more games as he enters the latter years of his career. There is a chance he stays with the Jazz, although it is unlikely given the rebuild that has been initiated in Utah. Clarkson is ready to go win an NBA championship, and NBA free agency will be his opportunity to find himself a contender. This is why the Lakers, Bulls and Heat are the three top destinations for Jordan Clarkson this summer.

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Los Angeles Lakers

Jordan Clarkson started his career with the Los Angeles Lakers and a reunion would make sense for plenty of reasons. One, the Lakers are looking like they will be letting go of D'Angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving might be too big of a bargain for them. Getting Jordan Clarkson in NBA free agency is the best of both worlds for the Lakers. He will not command the price tag that Irving does, but he is a very reliable scorer and a much better defender than Irving. In general, he fits more seamlessly into the defensive identity that the Lakers possess. Not to mention, Clarkson is comfortable in Los Angeles, as the aforementioned reunion comes after the former Laker spent the first four seasons of his career in Los Angeles. The Lakers might be looking elsewhere first for guards in NBA free agency, but a reunion with Jordan Clarkson would make a lot of sense.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls might be the team that makes the most sense on this list to go and get Jordan Clarkson in NBA free agency. First off, the Bulls entire roster was put together with the implication that they could rely on Lonzo Ball. After multiple lost seasons due to injury and now a career in jeopardy, the Bulls need to look elsewhere for a point guard. Luckily, Jordan Clarkson fits the role that Ball would have filled. Chicago is another defensive minded team that specializes in perimeter defense, a specialty of Clarkson's. In general, the Bulls play through their guards with DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine running the show, so Clarkson would be a great asset in spacing the floor for them and opening up driving lanes with his speed and athleticism. The major piece that the Bulls are missing is a point guard and Clarkson could fill that position easily; both sides would be wise to get in touch during NBA free agency.

Miami Heat

Albeit being down 1-0 in the NBA Finals to the Denver Nuggets after a rough Game 1, the Heat look like they will be perpetual contenders. Something about the culture in South Beach produces a competitive and gritty squad every year, and Jimmy Butler looks like he wants to be there for the long haul. As long as Butler is suiting up for the Heat, it would be prudent to count on them being around late into the postseason. Right now they rely on Butler and Bam Adebayo for a majority of their production, while players like Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, Cody Martin and Kyle Lowry play their roles perfectly. Given how the trajectory of Jordan Clarkson's career has played out, Miami would be a perfect fit. Clarkson is known for playing tenaciously and doing the dirty work, so he would be a natural fit for the Heat. Besides that, he would become the most talented point guard on the roster. Not only would he gel with what the Heat have built, but he would give them a scoring threat at the point guard position that they do not currently have. Come NBA free agency this summer, the Heat and Jordan Clarkson should sit down and talk.