Jordan Clarkson's favorite players growing up: Shaquille O'Neal and Lou Williams
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Jordan Clarkson’s favorite players growing up: Shaquille O’Neal and Lou Williams

Every basketball player in the league was just a kid at one point in life, looking up to an NBA star and mimicking his moves, watching his interviews, collecting his posters or trading cards, all in hope of becoming that star one day.

For Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Jordan Clarkson, his favorite players growing up were Shaquille O’Neal and Lou Williams, according to an interview with Mike Trudell of

Shaq was a favorite of many, regardless of their size or position on the court. Big man or little man, they all wanted to dominate games the way the Big Diesel did with the Orlando Magic coming into the league and consequently the Lakers, where he won his first three championship rings.

The oddest choice here is Lou Williams, a 44th overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft that was a reserve through the first few years in the league, basically trapped in the bench until Allen Iverson was traded to the Denver Nuggets.

Williams and Clarkson’s game share some resemblance — both fearless drivers to the rim, both capable of creating their own shot, and both a deep threat is given some breathing room.

The most incredible thing has also been their chemistry on the court, an almost innate ability to read each other on the floor and good understanding of spacing without getting in the way of each other, perhaps something that came with studying Williams’ game and his propensities.

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