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Genshin Impact Leaks: MiHoYo may have just teased Kamisato Ayato in Itto Trailer

Kamisato Ayato, Arataki Itto, Genshin Impact leaks, Genshin Impact

A new Genshin Impact character may have been teased by miHoYo themselves, with notable leakers and dataminers agreeing that the tease is legitimate. During Arataki Itto’s character preview trailer, miHoYo appears to tease the enigmatic Kamisato Ayato, brother to Ayaka and possibly a future playable character, a character that the Genshin Impact community has been looking forward to for quite a long time now.

Arataki Itto‘s Character Preview was meant to highlight version 2.3’s brand-new 5-Star Geo Character. However, fans were excited by a completely different hunk instead. The roughly 1 and a half minute video showcased Itto’s theatrical background, showing him performing a stage play about Onis and humans, introducing as well his Itto Gang. Towards the last thirty seconds of the video, however, a voice of someone not shown on the video stole the show. Thoma was seen in the video watching the show, and then saying: “My Lord! Look, that stage!” To which the character replies, “Oh yes, most entertaining. Pity that the Tenryou Commission has just arrived.”

Knowing that Thoma is the chief retainer of the Kamisato clan, and fans were quick to connect the dots. It’s definitely Kamisato Ayato, fans are convinced. Even Genshin Impact leaker and dataminer UBatcha1 believe this to be Kamisato Ayato’s voice reveal.

In all likelihood, this does appear to be a legitimate tease by miHoYo to further hype up the arrival of Kamisato Ayato. However, we can’t help but feel sorry for poor Itto, whose time in the limelight has been completely overshadowed by a single voice line.