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Kelly Olynyk used just two emojis in response to his signing with the Heat

Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk, the newest member of the Miami Heat who just released a very Miami tweet, seems pretty ecstatic about having to play in the Sunshine State.

On Thursday, the Toronto-born big man signed a four-year, $50 million contract with the Heat. Shortly after, and much like how NBA teams and players prefer to converse on social media these days, Olynyk took to Twitter and expressed his glee with just a pair of emojis:

Not only was the 26-year-old seven-footer rewarded with a relatively lucrative deal, he’s also about to enjoy more of the pleasures that tropical climates have to offer. Olynyk spent most of his life and playing career in wintry locations like Ontario and Boston, and even his collegiate stint in Gonzaga was constantly overcast with Washington’s rather gloomy weather.

Judging from his very concise tweet, Olynyk is very much looking forward to basking under the Floridian sun before getting down to business this offseason with his new team. He’ll certainly need to catch fire in team practices this offseason following his sunbathing sessions, as the Heat expect a lot from him after missing out on the marquee names in free agency.