Kelly Oubre thinks Markieff Morris is a better player than Paul Millsap
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Kelly Oubre thinks Markieff Morris is a better player than Paul Millsap

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Having played with Markieff Morris for two seasons now, Kelly Oubre, Jr. knows how good he is as a player and mentor. Oubre recently went as far as comparing Morris to one of the league’s perennial All-Stars and claimed that he is better than him.

The 21-year-old Kansas product made a bold statement, via Chase Hughes of CSN Mid-Atlantic, saying that he respects Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap, but he made it clear that in his opinion, Morris is a better player and one of the best power forwards in basketball today.

“Millsap is an All-Star. But honestly, in my opinion, Keef is better than him.

“I tell him that every day. Obviously, people respect Millsap. I respect Millsap to the fullest, but we have one of the best power forwards in the game of basketball right now with this team. He goes out and shows that every day.”

Oubre’s choice may not be the popular one as many consider Millsap as a legitimate star in the league, but what he showed is full confidence and belief in his teammate. It’s also something that can help boost his confidence even more, especially with the Wizards matching up with the Hawks and Millsap in the first round of the playoffs — and the Morris-Millsap matchup in particular already seeing a small altercation in Game 1, leading to Millsap calling out the Wizards for their physical play. There’s no shortage of mind games these days, and this could also be one of them, with the second year player taking a subtle shot at the veteran, to try and take him off his game.

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