When a big-name superstar becomes a free agent, they usually go through the typical free agent process.

They travel by jet planes to various major market teams where the front office executives and top players of that particular franchise all have a recruiting pitch set up. This can involve each person speaking on why their team is the best destination for the big-name free agent.

Just don't expect Kevin Durant to participate in the whole recruiting visit frenzy. The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar said during team exit interviews that he doesn't plan on going through the free agent process the way many others have, via Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman:

“That's not who I am. Whatever this thing entails, I'm willing to take it head on. But I'm not that type of person. Like I said, the two most important things for me is being around great people and having fun playing basketball.”

Durant stressed that familiarity was key in regards to his decision on which team he'll sign with:

“To be honest I haven't put that list together I guess,” he said. “But just being around great people, being in a great basketball environment … That's all I really care about. Who I'm going to be doing life with every single day, who I'm going to be playing basketball with every single day.”

Based upon what the 2013-14 MVP said in these quotes, one could easily assume the Thunder remain the favorites to sign Durant in the summer. With the salary cap expected to skyrocket even more in the summer of 2017, it would come as no shock if Durant were to sign a one-year deal with Oklahoma City before becoming a free agent once again in the summer of 2017.

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