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Kevin Durant, Wayne Pratt

Kevin Durant’s dad: Everything you need to know about Wayne Pratt

Wayne Pratt knows that Kevin Durant’s mom is one of the best-known moms in professional sports. Wanda Durant is seen in attendance at most of Kevin’s games and even made a movie with Lifetime about raising two sons as a single mom.

Because of this well-known story, it is assumed by some that Kevin Durant has a bad relationship with his Dad, Wayne Pratt. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even though Pratt did walk out on his family when Kevin was young, they have since reconnected and seem to share a similar bond to what Kevin Durant and Wanda Durant have.

Pratt, spending most of his time as a police officer and assistant basketball coach, told the Washington Post in 2012 that he attributes that walk-out on his youthful selfishness, clearly have many regrets leaving Wanda on her own.

It was a long ten years for Kevin Durant and his father to get back on good terms, but they eventually got into each other’s good graces again. He was opposed to the idea that the public needs to see them interacting, saying that they were both settled in their own communities and would be there for each other when they needed to be.

Pratt obviously saw the NBA potential in his son from a young age. He gave Kevin Durant the nickname “Green Room” in high school, awaiting the day that his son would hear himself be drafted from that very room in a few short years. He told The Undefeated in 2016 that he saw Durant as a lottery pick between the 10th and 11th grade.

2016 was a pivotal year for not only Pratt and Durant’s personal relationship, but also for Durant’s career, as the Summer of that year was when Durant decided to transform the NBA landscape and join the Golden State Warriors.

Pratt was part of the reason why Durant left Oklahoma City, as he advised his son to be selfish, know his own worth, and go to a bigger market where he could be a star and finally win a few rings.

“He said, ‘I want to be a Warrior.’ I said, ‘Let’s go if that’s what you want to do!’ I said, ‘You understand the backlash that’s going to happen?’ He said, ‘I’m ready for it.’ I was just happy that my son at 27 years old made a man decision. We knew that backlash was going to happen. But that’s what makes America so great. We know that everyone was going to have their view, and I’m fine with that.”

Durant alluded to the strength of the relationship with his father in an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Michael Lee, referring to Pratt as one of the people he made sure to consult before making the big decision.

Durant may get his killer instinct and knack for hitting clutch late game shots from Pratt.

Durant’s game-winning shot in Game 3 of the 2017 NBA Finals will be replayed everytime the Finals rolls around. While not receiving the same amount of acclaim, The Washington Post detailed his father’s game winner during a pickup basketball game, in nearly the exact same spot on the court, just one day before his son nailed his three-pointer in the Finals.

While Durant’s form may be a little better than Pratt’s, they both appear to have that coveted clutch gene and are not afraid to shine in big moments.

Even though Pratt walking out on his family left a few emotional scars that may never heal, it’s nice to see him reconnect with his superstar son, and should be interesting to hear Pratt’s thoughts on Durant’s next ideal destination once his contract is up in Brooklyn.