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Video: Kevin Seraphin testing his skills at basketball theme park game

The former Wizard and Knick in Kevin Seraphin, who currently remains a free agent, took his time off and went down to Pacific Park in Santa Monica for some relaxation and fun time.

But he couldn’t keep basketball out of his mind there either. He came across a park game of basketball and gave it chance, for the grand prize of a plush toy. The goal was to make some shots which at first looks easy to do, however in common practice in such games, some tricks are hidden like a smaller rim and the long confusing net.

Seraphin took twitter to post his performance during that game:


He went 4-of-5, not bad and slightly better than his career 72% average at the charity stripe.

What’s left now is for a team to give him another chance in the league for the new season. Maybe he can use this video as proof of him developing his jump shot as well.

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