Kings IG comments on Russell Westbrook's game-winner
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Kings IG comments on Russell Westbrook’s game-winner

Russell Westbrook

Many of the NBA teams’ social media administrators don’t take themselves too seriously, and they have a good sense of humor – as they should. Most know how to enjoy having bragging rights and addressing a loss in a fun, lighthearted way, which is part of their job.

The Sacramento Kings’ admins are no different. The guys behind their social media presence have shown their humorous side in the past year or so, and they added one again just recently:

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In case you missed it, the post was referencing the Kings’ heartbreaking, last-second loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night.

With just one second left and the scored tied, Russell Westbrook hit a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer off a slightly dangerous inbound throw – just in time to beat the clock and hand Sacramento its 40th loss of the season. Adding to the frustration was the Kings’ strong showing in the second and third quarters, where they recovered from 23 down and outscored OKC in the two frames by a combined 28 points.

As mentioned earlier, the “Y u do this” comment was one more to their list of hilarious bits. Among the more memorable ones in recent memory was this past summer’s “ambush interview” with fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. It was very reminiscent of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular Lie Witness News segment, where a “reporter” would ask random people on the street about made-up news, which intends to expose individuals who are just going along with whatever info is being said.

Here’s how the Kings paid “homage” to Kimmel and also troll its Western Conference rival:

You have to agree, though: the charisma of “Shawn Carter” and the bravery of “Ned Stark” would’ve been great for the Lakers on and off-the-court.