Kings news: Vince Carter throws down powerful dunk at age 41
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Video: Kings vet Vince Carter throws down powerful dunk at age 41

Vince Carter

The Sacramento Kings’ Vince Carter may be as ancient as the raptor that he used to represent in Toronto, but he is far from extinction. The 41-year old Carter threw down a dunk on a breakaway reminiscent of his Air Canada days with the Toronto Raptors.

The Kings were leading the Dallas Mavericks 39-22 early in the second quarter after Bogdan Bogdanovic made a jumper. Heading downcourt, Carter retrieved an errant pass by JJ Barea that was intended for Dirk Nowitzki. He immediately started a fastbreak on his own, stopping near the circle of the free-throw line and taking off for a tomahawk jam.

The former Slam Dunk champion has shown that he still has the legs and the leaping ability to rise up for a powerful slam regardless of his age.

He signed a one-year deal with the Kings during the summer for $8 million, an offer that he could not refuse. At his age, many were expecting Carter to sign with a championship contender in the offseason.

Carter explained in an interview with NBC that, more than the money, he wanted an opportunity to play more minutes and to mentor younger players.

“Great opportunity for me. I always liked the state. At this point, it’s not really about the money, moreso than the opportunity. I still want to play in this league. I didn’t want to sit and collect a check and ride a wave of some championship team.”

“Yes, that’s sound great. I’m just at a point where I just feel like I can contribute at a high level. And maybe down the line, maybe that option I’ll really embark on. Until then, I want to play, I want to contribute and still help the young guys get better and go through the ups and downs of this league, cause I’ve been there.”

Maybe the man dubbed as Half-man Half-amazing would like to mentor young players how to throw it down like he used to back in his heyday. Then again, Carter just showed everyone that he can dunk today with the best of them.

The Mavericks would agree.