Knicks news: Bernard King shares his advice to Kevin Knox
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Bernard King shares his advice to Knicks rookie Kevin Knox

Bernard King, Kevin Knox, Knicks

Kevin Knox may have had a fairly underwhelming rookie season with the New York Knicks, but he is certainly on a track for a better second season — especially after receiving some advice from NBA Hall of Famer and New York legend Bernard King.

In an interview with Marc Berman of the New York Post, King revealed that Knox needs to work on the way he attacks the basket and cited that the 19-year-old forward must avoid fading when going downhill. He also told Knox that he should be more confident running the floor.

“When he was going downhill, he was fading instead of going directly to the basket,” King said. “When he gets close to the basket, he would fade to the right instead of going straight up to the hoop. It didn’t give him a chance to get fouled or to score.”

“I spoke to him about how he runs the floor. Some people think it’s elementary. It’s not. I’m not criticizing Knox but you can always improve how you run the floor. It was one of the things I did very well.”

The former scoring champion added that in order for Knox to be able to score more efficiently and be a better finisher, he needs to be stronger and improve his conditioning.

“One of the things I spoke to him about is try to make the treadmill part of your workouts and that will help the conditioning level,” the 62-year-old ex-NBAer said. “Treadmill was a huge part of my workout routine. There’s so many talented players in the league, you have to have an edge. Conditioning is an edge. I really never got tired because I worked on the treadmill.”

King believes that Knox has just hit the rookie wall, but that it isn’t too late for him to get past it. Some players in the league take time to develop and blossom into a star, and the Knicks legend thinks that the young forward has the potential to be great, especially if he continues to work hard this summer.

Knox isn’t a bust just yet, and who knows, with the right amount of time and proper development, he might just be the ‘Kevin’ that the Knicks need in order to succeed.