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Derrick Rose believes Knicks will eventually be good again

Derrick Rose, Knicks, Pistons

Former New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose believes the Big Apple franchise will eventually be good again.

The 2012-13 season was the last time the Knicks had a winning record and made the playoffs. New York just hired former NBA agent Leon Rose as its new president of basketball operations. Now, fans are praying Leon can do what Phil Jackson was unable to accomplish and turn the team into a winner.

Rose, who played one season with the Knicks back in 2016-17, says “nobody can be bad forever.”

“From the outside looking in, it just seems like they’re still looking for someone to lead them,” Derrick Rose told The New York Post. “I’m not here, I wouldn’t even know what goes on up there on a day-to-day basis, but from the outside looking in, it looks like they’re stuck in a rebuilding mode again.

“But I do think they’ll have their time. Nobody can be bad forever. To each his own, that just wasn’t their time, that’s how I look at it. Of course a lot of people have got a magnifying glass on it right now. I feel like with all the things that have been said about New York, they’re gonna have their time pretty soon.”

D-Rose played for the Knicks during the season when the Charles Oakley incident took place at MSG. Last Wednesday, the team drew their smallest home crowd in nearly 13 and-a-half years, falling more than 3,200 below capacity in a 112-104 loss to the Utah Jazz.

The announced crowd was just 16,588, with noticeable patches of empty seats throughout an arena that lists 19,812 as its capacity for NBA games.

The Knicks are 20-44 on the season. They are in 12th place in the East.