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Knicks star Derrick Rose pulls off dream proposal in Madison Square Garden

Knicks Derrick Rose wife girlfriend proposal Alaina Anderson

Being an NBA star certainly has its perks. Derrick Rose used his pull the right way as the New York Knicks guard executed his proposal to perfection in Madison Square Garden.

Check out the romantic scene below from Rose’s Instagram. The Knicks guard even put on his lyricist hat for his heartfelt dedication to his future wife Alaina Anderson.

However, there seems to be confusion over whether Rose and Anderson are actually already married. There were rumors back in 2018 that the Knicks guard had taken time off in order to get hitched. Alaina was pregnant at the time

Via Terez Owens:

“According to our source, Derrick reportedly eloped with his longtime girlfriend Alaina, who is pregnant. Our insider explained, “Derrick and Alaina wanted to start their family as a married couple.” We’re told that the wedding was small and private.”

Married or not, the grand gesture was definitely a special one. Being able to rent out the Knicks’ storied home arena for a private date all to themselves isn’t something just anyone can pull off.

Hopefully Derrick Rose can generate a handful of positive on-court memories in Madison Square Garden this season as well, with the Knicks looking to build off their first playoff appearance in nearly a decade.